Monday, September 23, 2013


It has been a horrible week at work, and the muse also decides to go AWOL. So it's another repost. It reflects my mood this week. Foul.

You wake up feeling it's a totally lousy morning, your head throbs like a jackhammer, your breath smells like the city dump and you know Murphy's Law gonna walk hand in hand with you...

Actually I sort of loved this poem. One of the earliest I experimented with line breaks. Ah, line breaks, I like them...

drawing by dsnake1


the mind
       laden joints
          to the loo
       a phlegm choked
       a hangover
       as yesteryears
       g o o s e m a r c h e d
           across the brain

too much liquor&cigarettes

       i leaned on basin
       absently brushing
       and as frayed bristles
       on tartar coated teeth
       & bleeding gums
the radio DJ cheerily sang
       Good morning singapore.

jan 1991

"Reality continues to ruin my life.”

― Bill Watterson, The Complete Calvin and Hobbes

Shared on Poetry Pantry #168  at Poets United.

© cheong lee san ( dsnake1 ) 2013

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Blogger Natašek said...

can't believe it's tomorrow where you are ;) i like the image, and the poem; real life captured.

23 September, 2013 00:42  
Blogger Brian Miller said...

ha. dont you hate that...when you feel like piss and they are so damn cheerful...smiles....sorry you had a rough week man, i hope this one coming up is better for you...

23 September, 2013 00:49  
Blogger Mary said...

I like the mood you set in this poem, all the details you gave about the morning routine, and then the wonderful ending. Some days one is not READY to hear such a cheery radio voice in the morning. Smiles.

23 September, 2013 01:24  
Blogger Sherry Blue Sky said...

Well, I LOVE this poem. The narrator feels so horrible one can only empathize and hope the rest of the day gets better!

23 September, 2013 02:30  
Blogger rallentanda said...

Oh God...too much information...a visit to the dentist is in order :)
Hope next week will be better.

23 September, 2013 11:22  
Blogger dsnake1 said...


tomorrow will be a better day. :)
thanks for liking the image. and the poem.


well, their job is to .. sound cheerful. :)
a couple of guys at the workplace caught the flu and some other ailment, and there wasn't too many of us to begin with..


yep, some days are not for cheery voices. :)
i used to have a radio on, softly, at night. but not anymore.


Thank you! don't feel sorry for him, too much liquor and cigs. :)


oh yes! but it's too late. that was in 1991. :)

23 September, 2013 23:33  
Blogger TALON said...

What a mood you captured...and it's all tucked expertly in the details. There is NOTHING worse than a cheery anything when you're hungover.

24 September, 2013 00:18  
Blogger ashok said...

hey, now u can follow my art at

24 September, 2013 01:44  
Blogger dsnake1 said...


yeah, nothing is cheery when in such a state. :)


hey, how are you? i just popped over to your art site, and wow, your artworks are pretty awesome! may just inspires me to pick up a paintbrush again. :)

25 September, 2013 01:11  
Anonymous tinman said...

Is everyday like that? why do you titled it "ritual"?

25 September, 2013 23:36  
Blogger ZQ said...

Well...Your sketch was (is) awesome! Then I read your 1991 piece...After that I went to the medicine cabinet searching for an anti-depression. :-)
Your lines and breaks are very effective...sorta like a rope looking for a tree to finish the job. :-)

I thought it worked very well and enjoyed its purpose complimenting your illustration of despair...visibly and cerebrally. Again sorry for my late response. Time is somehow becoming irrelevant to me while working with the "Book"

27 September, 2013 11:39  
Blogger dsnake1 said...


yeah, the title looks a bit odd, even deceptive. maybe at that time it was like, happening very often like that in the mornings. i write the best, and worst titles.
and no, everyday's not like that. :)


ah, my friend, nice to hear from you! my poem is so strong that it sent you to look in the medicine cabinet? :D
i really like your comment about a rope looking for a tree to finish the job, very neat! maybe a poem can be written on that?

oh, and best wishes on the progress of your book. :)

27 September, 2013 23:36  

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