Thursday, January 25, 2007


Help, I've been tagged by Gautami !


Five unknown aspects about me


I cannot drink coffee. yes, the black, vile stuff. One slight drop in my system and I go giddy, nauseous, as if poisoned. I do not know why. Beer and vodka is okay.


I kept a baby python as a pet during my army days. An empty ammo box was its cot, and i fed it eggs from the mess hall. It had no name, i just called it "snake". A few weeks after I found it, it wandered off one night never to return. I guessed it went looking for its mate.


In secondary one in school, my history teacher read to our class an essay on "How fire was discovered." He said that essays should be written this way, interesting, imaginative, yet logical and complimented the writer for a good job. Ahem, I'm that writer. Guess my writing career took off from there.


I wanted to be a journalist, but ended up working in telecommunications, where the only things I write are boring reports, excuses, angry emails and subtle threats.


......... ........ . .. ....(you can't see the 5th one?)



Blogger polona said...

nice ones, dsnake! i enjoyed getting to know a little bit more about you :)

26 January, 2007 05:51  
Blogger magiceye said...

:) introspection?!

27 January, 2007 00:09  
Blogger gautami tripathy said...

I distinctively remember commenting here. Did blogger eat it up?

27 January, 2007 01:57  
Blogger J. Andrew Lockhart said...

You don't like coffee??? I can't imagine! :)
(It's a whole lot cheaper than vodka!)

27 January, 2007 14:28  
Blogger dsnake1 said...

it's always nice to know a bit more about our fellow bloggers. :)

nay, more like letting off steam. :)

Blogger is always hungry. :)

that's why the bitter stuff i take are beer and vodka and company :)

28 January, 2007 00:12  
Anonymous GeL (Emerald Eyes) said...

baby *That's* where "dSNAKE" comes from?
oh, yes, I can see between the dots hehe
Creative response to a meme and very interesting!

01 February, 2007 14:59  
Blogger dsnake1 said...

hi GEL,
not really. :)
there's another story about how the nick came about, but that's a tale for another day. :)

oh, you can see what's on those dots? that's scary! :)

01 February, 2007 22:06  
Blogger Pat Paulk said...

Sorry about the coffee. Beer and vodka are OK, except for breakfast. NO SNAKES, except you. You aren't really a snake are you??

02 February, 2007 06:28  
Blogger dsnake1 said...

Hissss! hisssss!

no, sir, i'm really a ...

03 February, 2007 16:46  

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