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I have been very busy lately, there isn't much time or energy to write much. I am trying to get some old stuff sitting in my PC online. Wondering why it's sitting there in the first place.

It's military related, and unpublished.

scan by dsnake1



    i wanted to try
    but i have no money
    and the gun was probably
    too heavy
    so i just watched
    as the stall lady
    pulled the lever
    of the air gun
    handed the weapon
    to a shooter
    all the while
    a lit cigarette
    dangling in her mouth
    that inch of ash
    strangely not falling
    and the shooter
    was taking his time
    undecided on his targets
    beer bottles light bulbs
    metal yellow ducks

    up above a full moon
    scattered its light
    on the fairground


    i wanted to get this
    over as soon as possible
    it was too hot
    the steel helmet too heavy
    so i just watched
    the target in front of me
    a wooden board with a picture
    of a soldier
    and as we shooters lay prone
    in the dust
    eyes peering through gun sights
    the detail sergeant
    on the bullhorn growled
    the order to fire
    and as i pulled back
    the charging handle
    of the M16
    heard the bolt clicked
    i was thinking of
    beer bottles light bulbs
    metal yellow ducks

    up above a blazing sun
    fired its rays
    on the rifle range


When I was a child living in the inner city, my parents or my uncle would take us kids to an amusement park near our home. In the early days before tv or the super malls, these parks were a popular spot of entertainment for the masses. Besides the usual ferris wheels, carousels, and bumper cars were the game stalls and joget dance halls. There were also the gun stalls where shooters with air rifles briefly imagined themselves as Buffalo Bills or snipers. There was always a small crowd watching. Perhaps the sound of splintering glass attracts or they just liked to see a sharpshooter in action.

Shared on Poetry Pantry #205 at Poets United.

© cheong lee san ( dsnake1 ) 2014

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Blogger Stormcat Poetry said...

My experience with those booths was always that the sights were bent (each one differently) so that no reliable shot could ever be made. Sharpshooters Beware . . .

10 June, 2014 00:41  
Blogger dsnake1 said...

Stormcat, always glad to see you around!

so that's how they cheat us?! :)

10 June, 2014 22:36  
Blogger Brian Miller said...

we have those boothes at the flea market...amazes me that automatic weapons are sold unrestricted out of practice taking a life...oy

13 June, 2014 03:45  
Blogger dsnake1 said...

there should have been some control on guns. over here it's next to impossible to buy a gun. there are very strict laws on gun ownership, illegal possession and discharge of weapons.

thanks, Brian!

13 June, 2014 22:55  

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