Sunday, April 22, 2007

Running on empty

It's another bad week. But not as bad as when I started out looking for a job. The muse is still missing, so I will just write some nonsense about, well, looking for a job.

If you are ever looking for a job, don't (i repeat, don't) copy this. :)

me, at a much younger age, running on empty..
me, restless and clueless
image by dsnake1

running on empty

circa early 70's

dear sir

i know these are turbulent times
but i badly need to get a job.
i have been sitting on my butt for months
have dutifully typed out the letters
on my olivetti till the ribbons
were shot to hell,
sent them out but like chaff in the wind
there are no replies.
i peep at the letter box downstairs,
there's just a spider inside.

i look through the papers,
just the usual bad news,
the war in Vietnam winding up,
oil embargo, stuff that sucks.
sure there are a few offers
like that one smug asshole said
they make magnetic memories
would i kindly explain how they work.
cutting edge technology man.
i'm just looking for a job,
not a rocket scientist.

some days i get so bored
i go to the tyre shop downstairs,
chatting with the workers
changing truck rubbers
and looking at the posters
of the Bridgestone girls
plastered on the walls.
at least they smiled.

esteemed sir, will you give me a chance?
i am running on empty.
i know i have a lousy cert
that's the problem.
neither here nor there,
but if i'm not given a break
how do you know i'm useless?

so, is there a deal?

yours sincerely

frus trat ted


no sir, my application letters were very formal. i'm just bored and tired, so I wrote this piece of nonsense. But in the beginning, it was very tough.

sorry for the poor quality of the photo, it was an old and grainy piece. photoshop can only helped so much.

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Blogger floots said...

gave me a (slightly melancholy) smile
thank you
i used to enjoy interviews
sadly - those interviewing me did not always feel the same :)

22 April, 2007 21:19  
Blogger dsnake1 said...

Haha! :D

22 April, 2007 22:24  
Blogger polona said...

frustrating indeed. but you did a good job writing this. love it!

23 April, 2007 03:11  
Blogger Pat Paulk said...

Unfortunately, I maybe doing that again after 12 years, and at 55. Could I use your resume??

23 April, 2007 07:23  
Blogger J. Andrew Lockhart said...

I like it :)
(I like the photo, too)

23 April, 2007 13:32  
Blogger dsnake1 said...

good job, eh? :)
actually, i wanted to be a journalist, but ended up in something totally different, telecommunication.

this resume? :P

thank you.
i can't see anything nice with the photo. :)

24 April, 2007 00:30  
Blogger gautami tripathy said...

Would it do for a female? I can change the "posters
of the Bridgestone girls" bit.

24 April, 2007 01:08  
Blogger dsnake1 said...

you also want this resume? :)

24 April, 2007 22:34  
Blogger Bluesky_Liz said...

Actually the old grainy picture is befitting the frustration and feeling of lack of worth when one has no job.

The 3rd strophe is just so good. It really showed the guy's view on an unfriendly world with no cheer, that he can only be glad with a poster girl's smile.

The stuff in the last strophe is still how it feels like today to a lot in job searching, I bet.

25 April, 2007 07:12  
Blogger magiceye said...

superb stuff ...!

25 April, 2007 22:34  
Blogger dsnake1 said...

hi liz,
you like the photo too? it's a photo of me, i don't know what was on my mind at that time. :)

those were difficult times. the 3rd strophe is supposed to provide some cheer to the narrative, and i guess it works better than that :)

thank you!
i don't want to go through all those again. :)

26 April, 2007 00:39  
Blogger iamnasra said...

a very poetical letter ..I must say and enjoyed reading it

27 April, 2007 08:20  
Blogger dsnake1 said...

hi nasra,
thank you!
i thought i would write this piece in the form of a letter. but you wouldn't get any job with this "letter". :)

27 April, 2007 23:53  

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