Sunday, December 23, 2007

Another beer

This is the 3rd poem in the collection of my GPA 2007 poetry submission.

When I was younger I loved to drink. For the blue-collar slobs like us at that time, the poison of choice was beer. There's nothing like a few friends emptying beer bottles at a table. Cheers. :)

empty bottles
photo by clarita
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Another beer

the table top was a map
of battle sites or
was it the rings
of an old tree?
the empty bottles
were lined up
like stacks of
brown chimneys.
my friend stubbed
out his cigarette
on the said formica top
chain smoked another
tried to jab a slice
of century egg into
his mouth
all at the same time
and i was thinking i
had had enough
of this shit.
i was leaning back
on the chair
trying very hard
not to fall
when the beer girl
with the tight t-shirt
came over trying to
convince us
to buy another beer.

© dsnake1

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Blogger polona said...

ha, i'm sure the waitress had the attributes to make you buy another round :)
and your words transfer me right there...

i wish you happy holidays!

24 December, 2007 01:49  
Blogger J. Andrew Lockhart said...

brings back so many memories. Those were the days... :)

24 December, 2007 13:44  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like beer too. But nowadays, I've had to cut down, because otherwise one gets really out of shape. (And I'm out of shape as it is.)

Merry Christmas, dsnake!

- Bluesky-Liz

24 December, 2007 17:24  
Blogger dsnake1 said...


we were so sloshed that every waitress looks like pamela anderson. :)

thanks for the greetings! you have a wonderful holiday too. :)

yes, indeed, those were the days. wondered how we can get through them. :)

happy holidays, my friend. :)

i cut down on beer too (yep, me really getting out of shape.)now i just drink occasionally.

Merry Christmas, Liz!


24 December, 2007 21:09  
Blogger floots said...

wherever it was we should all spend christmas there next year :)

26 December, 2007 23:22  
Anonymous gautami tripathy said...

I like what Polona says!


BTW, You have been chosen to do a hoopla

27 December, 2007 01:32  
Blogger dsnake1 said...

hehe, sounds like a good idea. :)



i read your post about Christmas, that's interesting! i will get around to your hoopla soon. :)

27 December, 2007 10:50  

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