Tuesday, July 31, 2007

GPA Update

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Golden Point Award 2007 update

Finally, it seems like a load has slid off my back.

Yesterday, I handed in my GPA entry at the Arts House. 8 poems, a couple which i have reservations about submitting, and a couple which in my opinion, are good stuff which will rock the judges.

Actually, I wrote about a dozen poems for this competition, the theme of which is about my stay at a place called Bukit Merah... Initially, I had no intention of participating, but after I decided to, I felt I had to deliver something. Some weeks were bad, nothing was written, but in the end, there was a manuscript

After I had submitted my entry, I went to sit down by the Singapore River for a while. This river holds fond memories for me. The first competitive poem I wrote was about it, and it won a prize for me. How the skyline and the shores have changed. More skyscrapers, the waters very much cleaner, but maybe it has lost some of the raw energy and cavalier character of the past. I was thinking, just like my poetry too. evolved, mellowed, the craft improving, and at times, regressing too.

So that's it, all I need to do now is to wait till December, when the results are out. And it may well be another non-event again.

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Blogger polona said...

fingers crossed again.

01 August, 2007 03:23  
Blogger Blue Sky said...

I'm looking foward to finally reading what you wrote for this one. I am assuming it will be posted here or somewhere once results are out. :)

01 August, 2007 20:47  
Blogger dsnake1 said...

fingers crossed again huh?
Thank you!

I will be posting the poems here once the results are out, if the entry doesn't win anything. :)
If it does win something, first rights of publication are with the NAC, and i cannot publish it first. :(

01 August, 2007 22:56  
Blogger Blue Sky said...

I would hope for the latter. That would be cool.

02 August, 2007 21:08  
Blogger dsnake1 said...

then you guys will have to buy the book. (assuming there is one!) :)

02 August, 2007 21:49  
Blogger Pat Paulk said...

Got my fingers crossed for you too.

02 August, 2007 22:29  
Anonymous alson said...

Not a problem. Now when is Gilbert going to publish his poems? Hmm...

03 August, 2007 23:08  
Blogger J. Andrew Lockhart said...

until December!? That's a long time to wait.

03 August, 2007 23:20  
Blogger dsnake1 said...

thank you!

bro, if i come out with a book, i give you one free lah! :)

yes, it's a long time to wait.They want to announce it at the Singapore Writers Festival that is going to happen in December.

04 August, 2007 21:45  
Blogger magiceye said...

..best wishes......

05 August, 2007 15:30  
Blogger Raghav said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

05 August, 2007 22:15  
Blogger Raghav said...

how about gioving us a taste buddy

05 August, 2007 22:16  
Blogger dsnake1 said...

thank you!

i would like to post my entries here but i am not allowed to, it's the rules. However there are a few which i wrote for the competition but did not submit, and i may post them here in the future. meanwhile, gotta wait till december. :(

or you can click on this link to read GPA 2005 winner Gilbert Koh's work.

05 August, 2007 22:33  

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