Sunday, October 11, 2015

dust on my bookshelves

Most of us have a bookshelf, or rows and rows of it. Bookshelves have a life of their own. They refuse to be cleaned. Or that's what I thought.

photo by dsnake1

dust on my bookshelves

today it rained, i thought
it would be nice to go through
the stuff in my bookshelves
i had been trying to meant to
tidy it up for the nth year


a poetry book by Bukowski, heavily pencilled, Harlan's stalking the nightmare, yellowed & dog-eared, a couple of old journals with my maniacal scrawls with scraps of paper falling out like dead leaves, paperbacks of pulp fiction, gumshoes & losers & novel ways of torture, scores of sci-fi novellas, my favourites, lost worlds, obliterated worlds, nebulae, Moorcock, de Guin, oh yes, the comic magazines, mostly with a lady heroine with big breasts, photo albums, some CDs rolled out like Yap's wheels, a warranty card for a PC that i had already thrown away, a military medal that will bring a lump to my throat

it was interesting reading, this rainy day,
and i agreed the shelf is a mess
so it would be nice
to go through the bookshelves
another time..


"Most problems go away if you just wait long enough."
-- Dilbert


Shared on Poetry Pantry #273 at Poets United.

© cheong lee san ( dsnake1 ) 2015

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Blogger Mary said...

Ah, often with this kind of project one doesn't know where to start in organizing. This is the message I got from your poem...

11 October, 2015 21:34  
Blogger Sanaa Rizvi said...

This is such a wonderful write. I actually felt like part of the scene :D
Beautifully penned.

Lots of love,

11 October, 2015 21:50  
Blogger Gillena Cox said...

its about setting time and mind to the task at hand

lovely sharing some of your titles with us Cheong san

much love...

11 October, 2015 21:51  
Blogger dsnake1 said...

that's it, Mary. the project will stall when i start reading the books. :D

11 October, 2015 21:51  
Blogger dsnake1 said...


thank you! :)


ah, the temptation to flip open a book and read is too great sometimes. :)

11 October, 2015 21:58  
Blogger Sumana Roy said...

it's always nice to touch books in whatever conditions & forget about the shelf :)

11 October, 2015 22:02  
Blogger brudberg said...

Great, I love the ambition building up.. and trickling into all those mixture of memories, and just maybe keeping the mess is a great opportunity to walk once more down memory lane.

11 October, 2015 22:11  
Blogger dsnake1 said...


oh yes, especially "forget about the shelf". :)


ah, the memories triumph over the ambition, most of the time. :)

11 October, 2015 23:05  
Anonymous Donna@LivingFromHappiness said...

Amazing when we have good intentions and instead a whole other experience comes about...time enough to clean those shelves!

12 October, 2015 00:10  
Blogger Sherry Blue Sky said...

I SO know this feeling....LOL. Thank heavens there is always (usually) another day. Smiles.

12 October, 2015 02:51  
Blogger Rosemary Nissen-Wade said...

Sounds like heaven to me; when may I come and visit? (You have to go out and leave me alone with your shelves for a few hours / days / weeks ..)

12 October, 2015 05:50  
Blogger Susan said...

I have the same problem/pleasure--cleaning bookshelves is time spent in enjoyment and memory and rereading ...the cleaning can wait.

12 October, 2015 06:55  
Blogger Hayes Spencer said...

Thanks for taking us along with you for the trip through your bookshelves and memories. Hayes Spencer is Kanzensakura

12 October, 2015 11:20  
Blogger hyperCRYPTICal said...

I love my bookshelves and can't bear to throw any books away (or donate to charity shops). I must admit I visit memory lane rarely as there is always tomorrow...
Anna :o]

12 October, 2015 11:31  
Blogger dsnake1 said...


always happening. the job is seldom done. :D


that's right, always another new day. but also new distractions. :)


ha, but first i have to clean up the house, which is a bigger mess than the shelves. :D


that's what i always tell myself, the cleaning can wait. :D


thank you for visiting and your kind comments. :)


there are some books i won't throw/give away, but most i do, to make space for new ones. :)

12 October, 2015 20:00  
Blogger Jae Rose said...

Books are not just books - they are our history..part of our an ever digital age there is nothing more magical than finding the notes and receipts tucked inside them..dust the tops maybe but wait a while before heading to the bin! Wonderful take...

12 October, 2015 20:45  
Blogger Nataša Dolenc said...

rainy days are for reading ;) I usually have many books awaiting to be read, and 3 that I am reading at a time.

12 October, 2015 22:28  
Blogger dsnake1 said...

Jae Rose,

maybe we can write something about those notes and receipts tucked inside the pages of the books. they can be little glimpses into the journey of our lives.
even in this digital age, i still like to read from a book. maybe it is the heft of it, or the smell of ink on paper. :)


rainy days, they should be here everyday in the next two months. :)
i am not reading that much as in the past. a book takes a longer time to finish now.

12 October, 2015 22:45  
Blogger Marissa Biden Sergey Christina Murphy said...

a book grows dust,
a poem grows passion,

love the title.

13 October, 2015 00:54  
Blogger G L Meisner said...

There is nothing like memories and books on rainy days.

13 October, 2015 04:24  
Blogger humbird said...

Oh, I loved it! Somewhere, in the future, my own poem about dusty shelf and its content...
I think it's worth the time to check to see what already not working for us in present time,...and get rid of it.

13 October, 2015 04:41  
Blogger dsnake1 said...


thank you!

loved your wonderful comment. :)

G L,

sure is!


don't be too hasty in throwing it out yet. :D

13 October, 2015 20:11  

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