Thursday, January 01, 2015

a lesson

Raise your hands all those who agree that 2014 had been mostly a bad year.

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a lesson

On a New Year's eve, as I was about to go to work in the afternoon, a lady knocked on my front door. She was selling ballpoint pens. She had a card stating she was partially blind. Her dress had seen better days, but she was neat. She was also missing a couple of front teeth.

As I was in a hurry, I declined. She smiled and apologised and started to walk away. And then like a slap, it hit me. This is New Year's eve, for goodness sake. Why were you so mean? And I ran and caught up with the lady at the lift landing.

So I bought a pen from the lady, all for two bucks. I am kicking myself now. I mean, how much can one make from two bucks? I should have bought a few more. Here I was griping about working on New Year's eve, and here was a lady who would probably never be able to find a job that can pay her a decent wage.

Today has taught me a lesson. Slow down, man, slow down. Breathe, and then breathe deeply again. You may be able to see better.


Here's wishing all my readers a safe and happy New Year!

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Anonymous tinman said...

Yeah, it was mostly an awful year.
Cheer up, buddy!

15 January, 2015 07:02  
Blogger dsnake1 said...

thanks, pal!

16 January, 2015 19:56  

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