Sunday, September 14, 2014

you laugh and my heart sings

Another haibun. This was inspired by the prompt at Poets United Midweek motif, which was "melody".

Had to dig deep into the memories for this, but once there the writing was easy. :)

photo by Prawny
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you laugh and my heart sings

The train platform is crowded, it is the evening rush hour. I am already late for my date. I hope she won't be mad. Coming out of the train, I scan the crowd for a face. We see each other almost immediately. Throwing up a hand, she gives out a laugh, which sounds like a cross between a siren and a cackle. She must be really mad.

"Daddy!", she screams, letting go of her mother's hand, and her little five years old body flies into my arms.

neon soaked street -
a saxophone breathes
into the night


© cheong lee san ( dsnake1 ) 2014

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Blogger R.K. Garon said...

Sweet! I like the idea of "haibun," I feel it can freed me up with some of my efforts in writing Haiku... when I want to say more. Silence is still precious though, creatively knowing :-)
Another wonderful piece.

15 September, 2014 00:41  
Blogger Sumana Roy said...

aww...this haibun is a bundle of joy...

15 September, 2014 01:30  
Blogger Björn Rudberg said...

I love the haibun... first the prose has a wonderful twist with the date being your daughter.. I also love that the haiku provides a complement stating the mood of environment.. the saxophone introduce an element of nostalgia that really fits the subject.

15 September, 2014 02:40  
Blogger Nataša Dolenc said...

beautiful.. the title itself is touching.

15 September, 2014 04:03  
Blogger Susan said...

How wonderful! Making a melody of such dissonance, a second after the blues. I'm glad you found inspiration and this amazing memory through the prompt!

15 September, 2014 05:31  
Blogger Mary said...

There is almost nothing that brings more joy than a 'date' with a child! Lovely haibun.

15 September, 2014 06:22  
Blogger dsnake1 said...


haibun is a good tool for a narrative, imo.
silence is precious, i know what you mean. let the reader forms his own opinion. :)


a bundle of joy? how sweet! :)


thanks for this insightful comment. i like the haiku too. in my younger days, i like to go to clubs to listen to live music. :)


i like the title too. i was grappling with the title, having discarded a few, and it then came to me in a flash. :)


an amazing prompt! some prompts are like that, they inspires. :)


it is! she's all grown up now, but that particular event, so long ago, is still vivid in my memories. :)

15 September, 2014 21:39  
Blogger Torie said...

Oh the memories we find when we dig deep. Thanks for letting us in on this moment :)

15 September, 2014 23:54  
Blogger dsnake1 said...

oh yes, Torie! isn't this amazing? :)

16 September, 2014 00:09  
Blogger G L Meisner said...

A very touching moment.

16 September, 2014 10:35  
Blogger dsnake1 said...

thank you, G L! :)

16 September, 2014 22:35  

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