Friday, July 01, 2011

for that bowl of rice

Frustration, boiling over. This is what this poem is about. It is an old poem, the page it was written on is yellowed now. But the hard pencil strokes, the angry scrawl, are still there. One of my favourites.

It has been a hectic two weeks in the office, absolutely crazy, and it seems like there is no let up in the coming days. I am posting this for Thursdays Poets Rally Week 47.

And, yeah, why I still need to work. :)

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for that bowl of rice

it was the sum
of all the little
tiring journeys
adding up
or the
proverbial straw

i do not really
mean to
raise my voice

i smile
who knows the lead in my heart
i trudge miles
for that bowl of rice
not for me alone.

written 13.09.92
revised 16.06.07

©cheong lee san ( dsnake1 ) 2011

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Anonymous Jingle said...

perfect build up.
enjoyed it.

Happy Rally.

01 July, 2011 01:28  
Anonymous Marbles in My Pocket said...

The raging battle well said! Good one!

01 July, 2011 03:20  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

for others we must care and do for. sometimes it is so very hard.


01 July, 2011 04:46  
Blogger dsnake1 said...

Hi Jingle

thanks for the kind words. :) i missed the last rally but i am back with this one. :)

Hi Charles

raging battle is a good analogy. let's hope it's not for everyday. :)

thanks for visiting.

Hi luna

yes, sometimes it's so very hard. :)

01 July, 2011 20:08  
Blogger Ravenblack said...

At the rate things are going around here, few of us can ever afford to not work. :/

The first bit is like an incomplete thought and works because the narrator is just too tired. He's already raised his voice, and it sounds like he's usually in control. Kinda hard not to yell or be harsh sometimes I think, with all the little irritations to an already difficult day!

There's true weariness expressed in this poem. As always I truly admire how you always express so much in so few words.

01 July, 2011 21:38  
Blogger dsnake1 said...

and further down the road, it will gonna get more hectic & competitive. :(

i wrote this after an outburst at a loved one, the smile was supposed to mitigate the situation, but i wanted to make it known that it's tough putting food on the table.

thanks, Liz, for your analysis of the poem, i really appreciate it. :)

01 July, 2011 23:36  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed this and the title drew me right in!

03 July, 2011 03:00  
Blogger dsnake1 said...

so, the title must be right. :)

thanks for your comments!

03 July, 2011 10:28  
Anonymous Fountains said...

The poem itself even sounds weary. Such enormous emotions (dedication, loyalty, self-sacrifice) in such a little poem. Brilliant.

03 July, 2011 12:08  
Blogger dsnake1 said...

Hi Fountains,

it even sounds weary? so i must be doing it right. :)

thanks for stopping by.

04 July, 2011 00:03  
Anonymous Fountains said...

Yes, with the broken speech patterns. :P I actually read this poem to a friend who very recently expressed a similar sentiment. He thought it was brilliant, as well.

04 July, 2011 22:56  
Blogger dsnake1 said...

Hi Fountains

glad that you found the broken speech patterns helpful. to me, the form or shape of a poem is important, and line breaks are a useful tool to achieve this

i am happy that you read this poem to your friend, and that he liked it too. thanks so much! :)

05 July, 2011 00:08  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

smart write indeed.

Please join poetry potluck week 42 today,
Feel free to submit random poems or poems unrelated to our theme.
Happy Tuesday.
appreciate your input.

05 July, 2011 11:37  
Blogger dsnake1 said...

thanks! :)

05 July, 2011 23:03  

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