Monday, September 05, 2005

poem 7 : Tampines Bus Interchange, 7 p.m.

banner - Tampines Bus Interchange

Off the #10 bus
the driver thought
he was transporting perishables
instead of passengers
the aircon was THAT cold
       of course my lenses fogged up
       like an atlantic mist
       as i walked into a wall
       of incessant chatter
       pneumatic drills yammering away
       on roadworks that lasts forever
           crowded bus terminus
           people hurrying to
           who knows where
           or bored in queues
           trying to read papers
            clip nails
as smoky behemoths
rumbled obscenely close
the PA screeched in hokkien
exhorting tardy drivers
to get the hell to their buses
       & glib touts
       tried to sell me xxx vcds
       no go pal, bad mood
       badder times
       still stacks of bills
       THIS high to pay
at the post office
again bored in queues
trying to decipher TV ads
ogle at girls
scratch stubble
     as the growl in my belly
     goading me to the KFC


Notes: Tampines is a vibrant town, its people seemingly in a big hurry to get things done. Perch yourself on one of the railings at the bus interchange and watch this world go by, and you can be amazed at the things you saw.


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