Thursday, September 01, 2005

poem 5 : Jalan Bukit Meah

       Panties on bamboo poles
       like battle flags
       Lifts eternally reeking
       of urine and sweat
       The dusty stairs are stained
       with vomit of heroin
       The graffiti on the walls
       speaks for all.

Packs of young punks, with nothing to do, except
smoking, bragging and cursing their blues
"Shall we lay a girl or two, bum?"
"No joe, go home get your parang"

Some poor bastard gonna lose an arm or two.

1st Oct 1978

Notes : I have lived in the Bukit Merah area for a while and this poem tries to capture the sights and sounds of the place. It's not a sleazy estate, but it's rough, at times violent. This is one of my first poems, and one that I quite liked. Perhaps I still have a strong affection for the place.


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