Sunday, August 21, 2005

urban poems?

Urban poems? I have lived in urban areas all my life. The squatter huts of Tanjong Pagar, claustrophobic shophouses in Kallang, and the gritty heartlands of Bukit Merah. It's not pretty, but educational. Like learning to watch your back. Going by with almost nothing in your pockets. Now I am much better off, with at least a pigeonhole to call my own.

That explains the urban part. Poems? If filthy ditties can be counted as poems, then I started writing them in secondary school. If not, the serious stuff started in military service. From then on it was a life-long experience. Reading poetry. Writing poetry. There were years of writer's block, times of madness when anything written was torn up and tossed away. But poetry calm my anger, let me see things in different hues and colours. And I would not give it up.

Will be posting some of my poems soon.


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