Wednesday, August 24, 2005

poem #1 : dawn comes (noisily)

banner- dawn

Six o'clock

the night sky daintily lifting its veil
& blotches of iron-grey smeared
like peeling paint on an ancient wall
& cauliflowers of dark clouds
     splashed around
           like flak.

No rooster crow
this is the city
but dawn comes noisily
sporadic janglings
roused struggling brains
& carried over the morning air
      throats clearing
      & somewhere a metal plate falling

On the streets below
smoke-belching buses
toiled through overworked gears
never sleeps
and people scurrying through
      hard streets
      feet wearing asphalt
to factories to schools to ports

Seven o'clock

The street lamps
sodium sentinels of the night
the duty guards

*** 01-08-1988 ***

Notes: One morning, looking out of my kitchen window in the heartlands inspired me to write this.It's pretty surprising to see so much activities at such an hour.


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