Wednesday, August 24, 2005

NAC Golden Point Awards

Singapore's National Arts Council organises a biennial writing competition called the Golden Point Awards. It's stated aim is to promote the art of creative writing. Writers can send in a short story or a set of poems in any of the 4 Language categories of English, Chinese, Malay or Tamil.

In the 2003 edition, I submitted a set of 8 poems in English. It was entitled "Landscapes", a vignette of scenes from dawn till dusk. I thought it was a great idea. The poems were actually written over a span of years.

Of course it didn't win anything. The poems submitted were not some of the better ones I had written. This year I gave it a miss. Firstly, too busy with work in the office, and then I had an uneasy feeling that the competition favours the younger writers (cynical, paranoid me again). Anyway, it was a good experience. I have won competitions before, but that will be another post.

I will be posting the 8 poems here. Feel free to give your comments. If it's really bad and you would like to advise me to build a bonfire with it, please say so.


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